Monday, November 22, 2010


This has to be a quick post so I can dive into my day job in a timely manner but I have wanted to post this for a couple days so here we go!

I will be re posting Holiday show info soon. Nothing has changed but I might have more details to share with people. I will do that this week as I hope to continue with these special offers.

First, I would like to find a painting a new home and maybe offer some holiday shopper a special deal! I will no longer be bringing this painting to any shows but before it gets placed on a possible local business wall, I want to make it available to you! Below is 'Frisbee?'; it is on a 36'x36 gallery wrapped canvas ready to hang. Originally this piece was priced at $250 but it is now on sale for $100! Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in this piece. The buyer will get a free YellowDog of their choice to go along with this possible gift!

Secondly, for anyone that attends the UVM show I do each year, all non YellowDog items will be on sale. As in HUGE sale. As in, I will no longer be making these items and I want them to find new home. Most items will be a couple dollars with the most expensive item being $5. Again, I hope this helps some holiday shoppers and it will really help me clear out my stock. I love these items myself but I cant hold onto to everything! This clearance sale will include all floral pins, wildwoman pins and paper goods like handmade notebooks, gift tags and mini envelopes.

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the always busy holiday season. More sales announced tomorrow!

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