Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Yellow Dog Art Gallery Rule #14

No jumping up and down when wearing a loin cloth.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I get so depressed when people disappoint me. There are a handful of people for whom I have so much respect for that when they disappoint me I am just so upset. Well, first I am confused and I flounder trying to make sense of things and then it hits me...my expectations for this person were just too high. I understand its not their fault I regarded them so highly but at the same time I would hate to think I should lower my expectations for people. Do I really need to constantly remind myself that I should expect less of people? I just have so much faith that sometimes people are capable of so much more than they are opening themselves up to. I get so bummed when someone I hold so highly does something or says something so close minded. Enough babbling...back to dealing with reality and growing up I guess...

Monday, June 21, 2004

Yeesh. Long time no post. Actually long time no ANYTHING! The sad part is Im not even that busy at work--busy enough but not so busy I cant keep up on life. I tend to do best under pressure--both professionally and personally. Nothing all that exciting is happening and I cant seem to motivate myself to MAKE anything exciting happen. I guess Im also kind of sad lately. A very close friend is moving away. Or should I say ANOTHER close friend is moving away. I simply am unable to keep anyone on the east coast. Another friend is getting married and although I hate to say it and I want to be happy for him, I dont think it is a good move. Just my opinion. They are a horrible match--dont really like to spend a lot of time together and both try to cheat like crazy. Healthy relationship, huh??! Not to mention she is mean as hell. Oh well, time to cut my losses with that one. This short little post has turned into a huge pity fest so Im ending it for now. Until next time...on a happier note...