Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Progress

Here is what is in progress on my table right now. The puzzle piece for Art FITS and new mini canvases for the upcoming ACHS show.

You can also see my newly plexi topped drafting table. I moved my gigantic painting table downstairs and moved my drafting table under my window to be my main work station. It wasnt until after hours of furniture moving that I discovered that paint does not easily wash off my drafting table. So I ran out with my coupon and purchased the largest self healing cutting mat I could find to protect the table top only to discover after one use that paint does not wash off the mat AT ALL. Finally I went to Lowes and purchased a very thin piece of plexi glass as close to the size of my table top as possible (their plexi and glass cutting machine was broken). When I got home I took out my new cutting mat, large cutting ruler and box cutter and trimmed the plexi. I got glue, gesso and paint on it today and all cleaned off with a swipe. I pronounce myself happy.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


The wonderful Tascha from Toronto added a 'Beautiful People' follower gadget to her blog and look who was one of the first three! Yup, ME! Actually, as you will see from our picture, it was YellowDog and myself. The little things make me sooo happy. I adore Tascha. She is actually the reason I set up my official blog following list. What a nice note to end the weekend on....

On another note, anyone have the Flip? I have been thinking about getting one and was wondering how easy it really was to use and then upload. Anyone? Anyone? Email me please! Include your mailing address and if I do get the Flip, I will send each of you a little piece of original art in the mail as a thank you.

*good night*

Thursday, September 04, 2008

What could I be working on?!

I have been doing a lot of cleaning and reorganizing (procrastinating) but little actual artwork. I am lucky enough to have a lot of things going on right now so Im trying to motivate. I started reading Donna Downey's blog recently and that woman gets stuff done. She is a natural. She is a scrapper--as in scrapbooking, not like a little fighter---and although im not really into scrapping, I LOVE scrapping supplies and Donna has truly raised it to an art. She also gets a ton of stuff done. I have no idea how she does it but I need to do more. I just need to waste less time. Sooo....

Last night I finished a piece for a Lucie, a co-worker. She has very patiently waited months for this piece. Thank you Lucie for not hunting me down and breaking my painting fingers. And ofcourse I forgot to take a pic of the piece before delivering it this morning. Maybe I can talk her into taking a pic for me? *hint*hint*

And tonight I started working on a recycling project I started months ago. Can you tell from the image below what Im doing?

Yeah, Im not 100% sure either but check back and we will see.