Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It is sooo nice to see the sun. It is still chilly here but this is really my favorite weather. Wish me luck getting outside to enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Today has been spent cleaning. REALLY cleaning. I kind of like cleaning. Ok, honestly, I love cleaning. Unfortunately this does not mean my home is the cleanest place in town. There seems to always be something that can be cleaned more. Anyway, spring cleaning means more paintings for sale!

This piece is titled 'Scottie'. I wish i could take better digital pictures; this image does not do the piece justice. The red background is gorgeous and really makes the pup pop on the canvas. This piece was originally $80 but is now on sale for $40! Contact me at if you are interested. See other paintings on sale in posts below.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the weather!
YellowDog and I are heading outside again very very soon.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

YellowDog being sooo YellowDog

I am doing a little work on the computer this evening and I had to snap a quick picture of the view to my left:

Jackson truly believes it is his job to be by my side at all times so by the end of the weekend, he is friggin exhausted. He is such an amazing companion. I hope he feels the same about me! Before you think I am terrible to make him sleep on the hard wood floor, check out the picture below. This is Jackson and his relation to the super soft no skid carpet my Mother bought for him. Little booger.

He actually sleeps on this rug most of the time he is in the little studio with me. Tonight he is just really ready for bed so the later it gets, the closer he gets to me. Im ok with that. I actually have these rugs all over the house. Jackson does not love the wood floors at all so I have them placed throughout the house in what I hope looks like intentional and tasteful house decor. If not, well, anything for him. I guess I need to get off the pc and go cuddle with him on the couch. Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, March 06, 2009

random happenings and a reminder

I can not believe I forgot to mention how YellowDog and I brought int he New Year! He was made the Star of the Clinic! YellowDog loves going to the vet. Yup, thats what I said. The wonderful women at our vets office are all so good to him and he loves the ladies. Here is the adorable collage they put together for him and placed on their wall.

And for Christmas, I made my Mother a last minute snowman for her mantle. She is all about the cute. Well what is cuter than a handmade snowman? MANY handmade snowmen. Below you see our work in progress. A forest of polymer clay carrot snowman noses to be! Odd looking, huh?

And finally, the SALE CONTINUES! I am giving away a number of paintings not listed on here but some of the paintings below are still available. Contact me at if you are interested!