Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My computer has really had me stressed out lately. I was soooo lucky with it for so many years I guess I cant complain but I also cant figure out how to finally fix the damn thing. Everyone seemed to think I needed to reinstall windows so I backed EVERYTHING up and I couldnt do the reinstall. Then people told me I probably have a virus and need to take care of that first. Ofcourse they say I need to buy new anti virus software which comes with new firewall software--all of which I have but for some reason they think I need all this new stuff. Hmmmm.... Who is this "they" and "people" I am talking about you may ask. Its a combo of friends and coworkers and even the company I bought my computer from. I just dont know what to do. I will try two more things than I may have to bring in some hired help! I was moving right along on my web site until this happened. Wish me luck! I want to get this taken care of so I can actually go back to PAINTING!!!