Wednesday, March 31, 2004

This is both a representation of this blog entry and an expression of how I feel lately. I am seriously pooped out.

I was at dinner with some friends the other night and after telling them a little about my week they all told me I should write a book. Well, Im not stupid. I know they are my friends and they are good to me and laugh at everything I say so Im not so sure my life is worth a book. Well, at least not one that many would read. HOWEVER, I thought maybe it would be fun to log some of this even if its just for myself to look back on. Some of these "stories" are extremely personal and my take on things may unconsciously upset a friend or two so Im thinking I may start another real connection to me....and see what others think. Does anyone really read this stuff.....?

Back to work *YAWN*

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Again, way too long between postings. Im a slacker when it comes to this stuff. Not that I dont have a lot to share--I just barely have time to breathe lately. Anyway...its Saturday and Im in the office. Sad but true. Not all that sad though, I am getting a lot done in this quiet environment. Wow, people were B-ITCHY yesterday. A couple more so than others but I figure, I did my time in high school--I dont need to worry about what is up their craws unless they are direct about it.

Work will only get busier the next couple weeks but then I will have a week or so off. I hope to spend that time painting FINALLY! I also desperately need to update my web site. Im embarrassed its so old. I would also really like to get one of my brothers set up with a web page. I can barely handle my own--Im not sure I will be much help to him. He is a true artist. He would never think or say that but he is. When he gets an idea he is so driven and he is able to make it come to life so quickly. He works so hard, I want to help him get online and maybe sell some of his large items so he could make some money doing something he truly enjoys. Blah blah blah...enough gushing already.

Back to work...