Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Nothing new to post in terms of art work. Lots and lots of fun ideas I cant wait to start working on but I have been busy with other stuff lately. Soon, hopefully. Im am treating myself tonight. This is what is keeping me busy this evening...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I walked past the art store on my way to the dentist today and I had a few minutes to spare (thanks to scoring an excellent parking spot downtown?!) so I popped in. Im always on the look out for my 6 x 8 canvases. I wont bore you with that story again but for the new comers lets just say that it isnt as easy as you would think it should be to purchase some simple canvases in this area. But Im not writing this to gripe--IM VERY HAPPY! I walked in and there on the shelf were ten lovely 6x 8 canvases. I tried to be frugal but each and every one had my name on it. MY NAME ON IT. And by name I mean the bright orange clearance tags you can see in the picture below.

So I bought them and ran to my dentist appointment. After the appointment I had to walk past the art store again. Well, I am trying very hard to find a very very dark gray acrylic paint so why not stop in and check while Im downtown!? What can it hurt? MY WALLET! Thats what it can hurt. But again, Im happy. I found some really fun canvas sizes more than half off. I would have been crazy not to, right? Dont answer that. I took finance courses, I know its stupid to buy something you dont need just cuz you have a coupon. Anyway, the reason for this post is really to show you that art supplies make all the creatures in my house happy...

Those are the bags from the art store. And no worries, I do not leave any bags out when I am not home as Missy will climb in every single crinkly bag she can find. Crazy.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Sunday was a huge success. The HSCC raised a record amount of money for their Annual Walk for Animals this past Sunday. Everyone involved deserves a huge thank you. It takes a lot of work to plan and carry out such and event and it takes wonderful supporters to make it such a success.

It was HOT. I was simply sitting and painting and I was completely wiped by the time clean up time came around. The heat should break a little later this week so I will be able to finish the piece I was working on at the event. Im excited to see it come together.

Some pics of my set up and event participants:

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

See you Sunday?

Sunday is the HSCC's 14th Annual Walk for Animals at Battery Park. I will be painting at the event and the piece will be raffled off with proceeds going to the HSCC. I will also have some new small pieces Im excited to show. They will be for sale along with some of my larger pieces. Come say Hi!

I am working on a couple very very large pieces that will be placed along the route of the walk. I wanted to do four but time has only allowed me to do two. Before even sketching these pieces I wanted to walk the route to see where things might go. Here is a pic of Jackson and my friend, Vanessa as we strolled the path. Jack is about to do what he does best while V kindly handled his leash and allowed me to take pics all morning. That turned out to be an excellent day. Walking with Jack, kayaking with V followed by lobster and shopping. Now THAT is a day off :)

Hope to see you Sunday!