Sunday, December 04, 2005

I have been soooo busy and its been a long time since my last post but I have to say its bloggers fault. Yes, I am pointing blame at Blogger. I htought they were simple and easy but now I find they are just a pain in the ass. In the past month I have found two, yes, TWO "bugs" with their software. The first one they showed me a way to work around the problem but the second one they didnt even try to address. SO here I am making an attempt to work around it myself. If I cant, no images for YellowDog blog and that blows. That means searching for a new way to blog. So here we go...

Most of these are gone by now but I still want to post them. They were fun and I always welcome feedback!

Some of my more recent pieces:

(didnt work; time to look for a FUNCTIONING blog program!)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Monday, November 07, 2005

This is a test. Apparently I found a bug in blogger when trying to post an image last week. Great I found a bug. I say that slowly and extremely bummed. I spend most of my days at work finding bugs in a software program and then trying to work with CIT guys fixing these bugs or finding not-so-easy ways to work around them. And now Blogger?! Come on...This is supposed to be my work free...bug free time.

Blogger told me how to work around the bug so here I go trying to work around the bug. If you see an image, I was successful. If not, I am sitting at home being pissy mad.

The picture you are HOPEFULLY seeing is YellowDog looking down into my studio. He wants me to stop painting and come upstairs and cuddle on the couch! I usually submit to this look before too long.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I dont think I would have retained this conversation except "bastard" seems to be my word of choice this week.

Conversation from the ladies room moments ago...

Female student 1: I dont know what it is, I just HATE Mozart.

Female student 2: Just because you hate him doesnt mean everything he did is bad.

Female student 1: No, I guess not. I mean, I guess he had a couple good hits. Its just that he didnt put any heart and soul into his music. He just whipped 'em out like a crazy bastard.

Female student 2: Yeah, I guess.

Femal student 3: I mean, its not like he is Kurt Cobain or anything.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My new favorite picture. Ok, not so "new" but I have been slacking on taking photos also.
Anyway, here the dog!

(see, Im already doing better)
Ah my dearest blog,

Did I forget about you? No, no, not completely. I just had other things on my mind until the fact that you existed came out of my mouth today at work. Sorry, blog. I promise to try to do better.

Monday, September 12, 2005

(I should have posted this yesterday but I just didnt get on the computer...)

Ladies, when wearing a short corduroy jumper dress, do NOT ride your bike down main street ESPECIALLY if your seat is very low and peddling causes all of us poor innocent passerbys to see things we never in our life wanted to see. And yes, this habit tends to form among those wonderfully "crunchie" young women that come from all over to stay in Burlington. Dont get me wrong; I admire your "freeness" and dream of the days when I can go without washing this mane of hair but please respect my need for tidiness and lack of desire to see either your poor laundry habits or your lady parts.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

This has been interesting. Computer trouble to reinventing the entire site; Im hoping all will be running smoothly very soon. So although right at this very second, no one can access my blog from my web page I have decided to carry on. Who reads this anyway?! (Why wont blogger let me start a new paragraph right now????) Anyway...Im very happy to report that although the new house is still very much a jumbled mess, my new studio is organized and I have been painting quite a bit lately. And I have to say it makes me very happy. As I work on the new site I just wish I could take better digital photos to post for everyone. I always get the flash spot or the pic comes out a little tilted to the right. Any suggestions? I have a great camera and I can take some hella black and white pics of other things but when it comes to my artwork Im thinking I have a user issue. Now I cant go any further without asking everyone to say a little prayer as the efforts to assist the devastated people in LA has finally gotten under way. I wont go into how pissed I am at Bush and FEMA and I wont say how sick I am of hearing people say they are disgusted by the lack of response only to follow that comment with a sad and stupid joke about the situation. What I will say is I find the whole thins so amazingly upsetting. I cant imagine the frustration the people hurt by this natural disaster must feel and I dont dare say I understand how scared they must be. I cant even imagine how scared and upset my friends are; I have friends that have their entire families and life long friends in New Orleans and I just dont know what to say or do for them. They dont seem to want to talk right now and I dont blame them; I also do not know what to say when we do talk. All I do know is that I am thinking of them and praying for them. Back to painting; I will be listing one on ebay to be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to the releif efforts; they have a special catagory on the ebay home page; if you havent already been there take a look a buy a little something. Its the very least any of us can do.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Congratulations to the recipient of the Yellow Dog Gift Certificate donated to the Chittenden County Humane Society! Thank you for donating your time and energy to help our four-legged friend! Contact me at and we can get started on your personalized pet/family portrait!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well the new site is done! Now I need to figure out how to upload it. I used a new web site building program and you have to upload the entire thing (all folders) at once. Im having trouble figuring out how to make that happen; I followed directions and no luck. As soon as I figure it out I will all set! Wish me luck!