Saturday, September 03, 2005

This has been interesting. Computer trouble to reinventing the entire site; Im hoping all will be running smoothly very soon. So although right at this very second, no one can access my blog from my web page I have decided to carry on. Who reads this anyway?! (Why wont blogger let me start a new paragraph right now????) Anyway...Im very happy to report that although the new house is still very much a jumbled mess, my new studio is organized and I have been painting quite a bit lately. And I have to say it makes me very happy. As I work on the new site I just wish I could take better digital photos to post for everyone. I always get the flash spot or the pic comes out a little tilted to the right. Any suggestions? I have a great camera and I can take some hella black and white pics of other things but when it comes to my artwork Im thinking I have a user issue. Now I cant go any further without asking everyone to say a little prayer as the efforts to assist the devastated people in LA has finally gotten under way. I wont go into how pissed I am at Bush and FEMA and I wont say how sick I am of hearing people say they are disgusted by the lack of response only to follow that comment with a sad and stupid joke about the situation. What I will say is I find the whole thins so amazingly upsetting. I cant imagine the frustration the people hurt by this natural disaster must feel and I dont dare say I understand how scared they must be. I cant even imagine how scared and upset my friends are; I have friends that have their entire families and life long friends in New Orleans and I just dont know what to say or do for them. They dont seem to want to talk right now and I dont blame them; I also do not know what to say when we do talk. All I do know is that I am thinking of them and praying for them. Back to painting; I will be listing one on ebay to be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to the releif efforts; they have a special catagory on the ebay home page; if you havent already been there take a look a buy a little something. Its the very least any of us can do.

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