Thursday, July 30, 2009


New paintings, new pics, new projects, new shows, new mediums!
I just wanted to post a quick hello and let you know there are many new things to come very very soon!

For now, mark September 11th and 12th on your calendars. I will be at Play Dog Play for the South End Art Hop. If weather permits we will have an outdoor show with live music, food and ofcourse, lots of new art. BIG new art! Sneak peeks coming soon...

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Chris Conn from Cafe invited me to fill his walls with new work. I jumped at the chance and made almost all new pieces for display. Here are a few quick pics I took just before leaving the day I did the first full installation. I have been back a couple times as pieces have sold and I needed to do some swap outs. It has been fun and everyone I have met through this has been great. Please excuse the quality of the pics. I happen to take them at a time when the sun was bursting through the windows. It is Vermont so I am not going to complain about the ...even if it did ruin my shots!

The above pieces are the only pieces that were not painted just for this event. Oldies but goodies. 'Rabbit Ears' is no longer available but if you are interested, I dont do prints but I do make 're makes' or 'do overs' as I call them of my most popular pieces. I can make one to fit your size and color needs. I can also make one with cats instead of dogs!

I LOVE the colors on this one. The background color is much brighter and bolder than it appears in my terrible digital image here.

The pieces above are three new pieces from my Twilight series. They are available separately but if you are interested in all three, I will give you a SUPER deal!

I like the background color on this one much better in person too. I stink at taking digital pics!

This one is a biggie. It is 36" x 48" and is on sale! Contact me for more info.

This piece is titled 'Bad Boy'. You cant see it great in this pic but that is a little heart shaped tattoo on his arm. Err, I mean, leg.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More pics from the HSCC Walk and more news!

Here are some more pics from the HSCC Walk for the Animals this past June. What a blast. Prefect weather, friendly people, super hero HSCC staff assistance...what more could I ask for?! Even the scary storm that scared us to end very quickly just gave me motivation to pick up fast and get home.

Above you see my humble set up. I went for fewer super huge pieces and focused on lots of cute little guys as well as some new media. The little 3" x 5" paintings were the biggest hit and I have to admit I love them too!

Here is a pic of my newest huge piece. This piece is called Tulip Field, 48" x 36" and still available for $175. It is currently up and part of a show but email me if you are interested at!

Above is a sample of my newest media. These are 100% recycled Kraft colored mailing envelopes. I used oil pencils and created what I call Mail Art! These were popular too at only $3.00 for a piece of original artwork to keep or send to a friend! I had a ton of fun making these! If you are interested in seeing more or having a quick custom envelopes made, email me!
Ahhhhh, I might sound like a dork but I am crushin' on these. These are moleskine pocket journals with original art done in oil pencils. I hate to get rid of these but I bought more to work on to soften the blow.

As any of my readers know, my digital picture taking skills are not always so hot. Above is a small sample of my newest 3" x 5" pieces. I think the little easels really help with the cute factor. Most of these sold but I do have a few left as well as a few in the works so contact me if you would like to check out what I have available.

A couple more of the 3" x 5" pieces. I can see 8 more little canvases from where I am sitting just waiting for me to tackle them.
In other news...
I am currently displaying lots of work at on Pine Street. Specifically in their Cafe. With a special reference from the always kind Cecilia, Chris Conn was kind enough to give me a call and has allowed me to fill the walls of his Cafe. I filled the place with all new pieces!! Oh ok, a couple were not brand spanking new but MOST of them are. The people at have been so nice and receptive of my work. I am having trouble keeping the walls full! Pics of these new pieces tomorrow.
I got some very very good personal news this evening so I think I might be able to breathe easily and maybe even sleep for the first time in a couple months. I wish all of my readers the same wonderful feeling....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

News , news and more news!

I have been terrible about blogging. Anyone that knows me or has tried to follow this blog in the past knows that is par for the course with me. But I have so much stuff going on I have to post!
The HSCC Walk for the Animals was this past June. BJ and Katey and company were kind enough to invite me again. I tried my hand at some tshirts!
The image above is the sample image. The shirts were a super cool green and blue. You will see them on people in later pictures. Looks for new tshirts next year!

The HSCC asked for some signs so I gave them signs!
Unfortunately I did not get a picture of my favorite sign which was for the water station. I will try to visit the HSCC and get some pics of a couple signs I missed over the years soon. The signs were both harder and easier than I thought. They were a ton of work but so much fun! You will see more signs in the future too!
The Walk was amazing. The weather was great, there were tons of wonderful people, so many people stopped by, my Mom came to help (thank you so much, Mom!) and ofcourse there was a lot of four legged inspiration. I will post many pics of the walk soon.
At the Walk I met Masha pf Play Dog Play. A relatively new business lcoated on Pine Street. Check out their web site ( or stop by. It is a very nice place with excellent service offerings as well as pet food, pet treats, toys and all kinds of good stuff. Masha was kind enough to ask me to make some signs for Play Dog Play. They are a project in prgoress but I will show you pics when they are done. Masha also surprised me and offered to host my work at the years South End Art Hop. Isnt that amazingly nice!!? Im am very very excited. There will be a huge surprise so defintiely stop by September 11th or 12th. When I say huge I mean HUGE.
More news in my next post. Cant give it all away at once!