Saturday, November 27, 2010

Something old, something new, something in progress, something flu?!

I know, terrible title. I blame it on my foggy head. I am sick. As in SICK. S-I-C-K. It is beyond the flu but I didnt think I could find a word that rhymed with pneumonia or bronchitis. Whatever I have, Im embarrassed it has knocked me down so badly for so long. Heres hoping tomorrow is better. Ok, enough of that talk...on to the fun stuff!

I did venture out to the Women's Festival of Crafts this morning. I armed myself with tissue, an entire bag of cough drops and a little bit of cash. The festival is one of my favorites. It is taking place all weekend so you can still stop by Burlington City Hall and find some amazing goodies for gifts or even for yourself! Maybe I will take some pics tomorrow and show you some goodies I have purchased from that show over the years; its really unique stuff.

Out of order but staying true to my title....
Something in progress:
I have wanted to do some YellowDog collages for a long time. What you see here are just steps one and two which included adding the background paper with gel medium and when dry, adding another coat of gel medium. I thought that before I risked a canvas or board I would try these circles I bought at the new art store in Essex. They are made of some funky combo of pressed paper and fabric or fiber...I dont know but as I hoped, they did not warp! At first I thought they would be magnets but at 3.5 " in diameter, I think they might be too big. Then I thought why not ornaments? It is the perfect time of year for those. But they arent really set up to be done on both sides and I would want to do both sides. So maybe back to magnets...what do you think? More pics when I actually complete them.
Now something old:
I used this Martha Stewart circle cutter with a self healing mat to create the pieces of paper I collaged onto the circles above. It was so easy and worked so well; they came out perfect. The little cutters has several spare blades and you can unscrew the top pf the cutter and store all the blades inside.
Something new:

These are Tombow Dual Tip markers. I havent really been into markers since I was a kid but these beauties are so much fun and the colors are so vibrant. I have been collecting them a few at a time as I hunted through all local (and some not so local) art stores. I could have purchased the whole set on Amazon but I dont need ALL of them and this way I got to support my local retailers. Other than my brushes, I buy from the little guys.
Im crashing so I gotta head back to the couch in a minute. I hope tomorrow brings painting because I have lots to do and I feel like I have wasted my entire week with this stupid cold/flu/nightmare!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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