Monday, November 29, 2010


What do you do when you are too gross and icky sick to do anything but walk from couch to bedroom? You pull out a 1' x 2' table and sit up when possible. Pathetic, huh?! Does anyone know what this thing is that is going around? Flu? Plague?

Here is my little stash near the couch. I wasnt super productive but over the course of the past couple days it kept me sane.

What you see above are the essentials to making a YellowDog card on recycled stock. First is the pencil outline, second is the ink outline, third is oil pencils and final step is to ink again so the colors stay nice and bold. No photocopies, tracing or prints.

A look at one of the finished products:

This is my first ever xmas themed YellowDog card. I have a nice little bundle of new ones for my show this Thursday in hopes I can still attend. Originally I planned to be doing these little guys while taking my lunch break at my day job but I have instead been doing them on my cough-free breaks. I know, pretty. Hey, I am gross and sick but the cards are cute as hell :)

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