Thursday, January 06, 2011

Oi! So much to catch up on!

So much is going on and so much is coming up. How about a quick catch up before I start in on the upcoming news? I may not have kept up with my blogging but I did take lots of pictures!

My last show/sale of 2010 was the Home Fur the Holidays event at Play Dog Play in December. It was an amazing show for me. I lowered prices on a large number of items and gave lots of surprise bargains to shoppers and it lead to lots of my pieces finding new homes, shoppers getting affordable gifts and the HSCC getting three times the donation from my table compared to last year! It was win-win-win!! I feel so much better about my donation this year. Check out some of the items below. Most were completed just in time for the show.
This is my first YellowDog bank. I was so exctied when I saw this blank wood banks. Surprisingly it took me forever to decide what to actually paint on them. This is the only bank I completed! I did way too much thinking and way too little painting. But I love how it came out. This Citron Green by FolkArt takes four coats to look good but then it looks soooo good. There is a BrownDog with bone on the other side of the bank. Book ends coming soon!
My new favorites! These little 5" x 7" pieces are so much fun to make and I just love the look of them. So simple but the colors are great and the new version of YellowDog has such a sweet little face. Two have found new homes and one is on its way to a new home. I have already started some new ones. I might even keep one myself. A first for me!
Here is a shot of some of my brand new holiday/winter cards. These were fun to make and keep an eye out for some new Valentine's Day cards. They are recycled kraft stock with ink, graphite and oil pencil.
Meet Lous! Isnt he adorable. He had surgery not long before this photo and you cant even tell. Look at that face! He (and his wonderful owners Kim and Chad!) came all the way from NY to visit. I looked forward to their visit for a couple weeks!
The show at PDP was wonderful but tiring. Very very tiring. I treated myself to a red velvet cupcake from Nibble or Nosh. I waited all day to eat that cupcake.
Ok, enough for tonight but I have more pics and news to share so til' tomorrow....
nighty night!

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