Tuesday, October 05, 2010


This past Saturday was the Addison County Humane Society's annual Woofstock and although very very VERY muddy, it was a huge success for them. Jackie and her crew and all of their wonderful supporters raised a record breaking amount this year.
The weather held out for us even though the previous days of rain made it a muddy venue. Lets just say I had to SCRUB my boots off and hose down my jeans before even trying to wash them. My good friend Georgia came with me and after Woofstock we grabbed some yummy food sitting by the river and then hit some of the cute stores in Middlebury. We went all over town in our mud covered jeans and mud caked shoes! More on the goodies found in Middlebury in a later post.
Below are some pics of the event but check out my facebook or flickr pages for many many more photos!
Here is a shot of my set up. My set up is different for every outdoor show as I have to organize things according to wind and rain...my least favorite part of outdoor shows. I was happy with this final set up though!!
Here is the piece I donated to the Humane Society to be raffled off at the event. I was actually thinking of donating a different piece but Georgia and Jackie changed my mind. Im glad they did as this piece looked great and needed a new home.

Ofcourse I picked the location closest to the off leash area! These poodles were hilarious. They literally bounced all over the fenced in area with little Hobbs chasing behind them.

This is a closer look at part of my set up. here you can see some of the mini canvases, the Greetings series (which is on sale now for $100!) and my bookmark displays. I love my little bookmark displays. They are small, clear paint pails that my mom bought for me years ago. They keep things from blowing away but still let you easily see whats inside.
Here is one of my newest card designs. Georgia so kindly grabbed me a bagel and instead of payment she quickly traded me for this card. I was flattered. I will make more of these!
Im not sure if you can tell by this pic but there are layers upon layers of mud on my boots. And this picture was taken very early in the day. I had mud half way up my pant leg by the end of the show. Thank you to everyone that braved the mud just to check out my stuff!

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