Friday, September 10, 2010

See you tonight?

Stop by Play Dog Play tonight after 6 pm to enjoy live music and fun artwork while partaking in some wine and cheese. The weather looks great and I am so excited. I will post pics of all of this weekends event next week but for now, take a look at some recent happenings:

This is a sign I made at the request of the HSCC a couple years ago. They use it at their big June walk every year to help direct the people/dog traffic around certain areas of Burlington. This year it happened to be placed near the police station. Kinda funny. Im easily amused it if you hadnt guessed.

This was one of the many visitors I had back at the June walk. Gorgeous, right? I wish I could share ALL the pics from that day.

I have a ton of pics of this guy. And by 'this guy' I mean the handsome four legged guy with the beautiful white coat. He was a charmer. I watched him go all over the park charming all the ladies. In this pic can you see what he has his eye on? Yup, a big bowl of trweats. He is just waiting for the go ahead. What a good boy.

Here is a commissioned piece for a returning client. This is the white charcoal stage. Sorry for the bad pic. I suck at digital photograpthy. It didnt help that this was taken around midnight ina room with terrible lighting. yes! Thats it! It was the lighting that caused the bad pic. *ahem*

The almost finished piece. Again, bad pic but I like how it turned out. It was a very thughtful, well planned surprise gift for a husband to give his wife. So sweet.

Ok, off to the Art Hop. Say hi if you are in the area!

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