Monday, September 27, 2004

Wow, it has been so long since my last post, I had a lot of trouble remembering my password! Yeesh! I like keeping a blog so I have no idea why I am so terrible at updating this. Oh, well. Try try again.

Work is about to get crazy busy. I think I am getting burnt out on this position. I dont know how much longer I can continue with these same battles. Usually I am refreshed and ready to go but this time I am still feeling beat up and kinda of pissy about everything.

Yellow Dog is having major allergy attacks so I worry about him. He looks soooo pitiful and all I can do is drug him--which I hate! Poor fella. He was also bit by a snake last Thursday. For crying out loud! Its Vermont--what the hell is a snake like that doing in my yard?!? He is ok. He can be a momma's boy at times but he is pretty damn tough.

As much as I hate to I should get back to work. I didnt sleep well last night so Im exhausted today and I am fighting off a head ache. A smart person would go home and start fresh tomorrow. But not me!

Lets see if I can do better at this.....time will tell....

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