Monday, May 10, 2004

Well, today was back to work day. I was lucky enough to get a couple weeks off and today was to be my first day back to work. Late yesterday my throat started to feel little scratchy but I assumed it was allergies since I had been outside for days straight. No such luck...Im sick. *ICK* Boy oh boy am I sick. I went to work and had just enough time to see how much work I have to catch up on and then had to leave. I didnt want to spread my cooties to everyone and I was kind of embarrassed--I was grossing myself out. I would have been pissed if I had gotten sick over my vacation but Im not all that thrilled to be sick now either. I have plenty of good honest sick days but I have a ton of work to catch up on. Oh well. What can you do. I should stop bitching--no one likes to be sick. Im tried to sleep this afternoon but no such luck. Now Im sitting here trying to figure out what to do with myself so I can sleep tonight...doo dee doo dee dooooo

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