Saturday, September 05, 2009


There is less than a week before the South End Art Hop. Less than a week!! Thank you Mother Nature *knock on wood* for the recent beautiful weather; it has really made catching up on the mural possible. I put in a solid 6 hours today and it felt great. I havent felt 100% lately but I finally got some black lines on the wall for definition and Im feeling much much better. My paintings for the Art Hop are almost all done. I have actually kept up on those all along.

I also have some new items to show at the Art Hop. Some Mail Art and the newest of new, cards! Both are on recycled products and each and every little piece is original art. No prints! Oh, and Moleskines! Who doesnt love a good Moleskine journal?! Now you can have original artwork on your Moleskine. They make for excellent gifts. Stop by Play Dog Play on Pine Street Friday night or Saturday, say hello and let me know what you think. There will be drinks, food and live music. If weather permits, we will be outside and your canine friends are more than welcome.

Blogger isnt letting me upload anything right now so I will try again tomorrow to give you a little look at what I worked on today. Even better, check out the Art Hop next weekend; I cant wait to see everyone!

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