Monday, September 14, 2009


This was my first Art Hop and it was a blast. I was a little stressed to get everything done but I was more stressed by Saturdays weather. We held out and ended up having a great Friday evening and an excellent Saturday.

I met some super people and got to listen to some excellent music. I am HUGE music fan and an even bigger live music fan. I heard Marty Power play for the first time and cant figure out how I had never heard of this guy??!! Things were too crazy for me to mingle too much but I got to observe and listen to Marty and found my new favorite local musician. He seems like a super nice guy and I could have listened to him all weekend. Saturday ended with the public debut of the Haymakers. They were great as well. It was there first outside-the-garage- performance and they played only original stuff. Gutsy and worth it I think. Good job guys!

Now some pics! I was too busy to pull my camera out after the event started but at least I caught a few images of the mural and the artwork on display.

Above you see Poco, Uli, Roscoe, Brian and Yazzy.

Here you see Mickey and friends. I couldnt resist the cute butt angle.

Above you see Lucy and her favorite (slightly torn) red sweatshirt. Too cute!

My display of smaller items. They were the big hit this show. Luckily I love making these items. They are all original pieces of art but not all paintings. It makes for a nice break but still allows me to be productive and play around a little with color without having to bust out all the paint!

The first corner of the open show area.

Here is the furthest wall of the open show area. I liked this wall a lot. I think Masha and Ryan had a great idea to display the pieces all along the fencing.

Above is the last wall of the display area as you are about to exit the area. It was a grouping of the pieces that didnt really match with all the others and it was kind of a last minute move. Another artist was expected but he never showed. He dropped some stuff off a week or so ago so they put it up but he never made an appearance. The guy missed out!
I had a great time and I am super thankful that Masha and Ryan invited me to join them. I would love to do it again! I now know what to expect and I had some great ideas on how to make it all smoother (on my end ofcourse) and new things I would love to display. Thank you to everyone that stopped by! Drop me an email and let me know what you thought of the show; I would love to hear from you!

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