Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finished Commission

It has been a while since my last post. Although I have been slacking in this area, I have been super busy. Lots of new and exciting things going on I will share the details soon. And all this upcoming excitement means the crazy schedule will continue. But I LOVE it! Soo....

Here is commission I completed this past week. A local news anchor (I wont use her name because I have not asked her for permission and being that she seems like one of the sweetest people ever, I would hate to be rude!) asked me to create this piece for her sister's birthday.

Adorable little guy, right?!

Here is the piece that I sent along for the client. Everyone has been so nice and she has a dog that sounds just like my parent's dog so it had to be done.

I also worked on a smaller version of 'Full Moon' (see earlier post please) which was a big hit at the HSCC event. Rumor has it that the piece sold right away but many others showed interest and one gentleman in particular showed a great deal of interest. The woman that originally purchased 'Full Moon' so kindly withdrew her purchase saying she would buy another piece so this gentleman could have it. That is just a perfect summary of my experience with the HSCC event. I know I keep saying it but everyone has been so amazingly nice. My day job includes a lot of 'not-nice' interactions so I guess its possible I appreciate the little things so much more.

So back to work..on what I havent decided yet.

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