Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I have been prepping  a bunch of larger canvases so that means I have been doing a TON of gessoing and sanding and gessoing and sanding and gessoing and....well, you get the idea.  Not the sort of thing that makes for exciting blog pictures.  So in an effort to me a teeny tiny bit more exciting, I thought I would show you a small haul from Borders from a week or so ago.

My large unlined YellowDog journals are done on official Moleskine Cahiers.  I often get them at Borders because I can use a coupon on them.  They arent cheap so I kinda have to pick a few up now and then when a coupon is available.  That allows me to keep them affordable for you!

So what you see here are the Moleskines, as well as a magazine I love and a package of what I think is supposed to be paint brushes for kids.  I had a coupon for the package of Moleskines.  The brushes were on sale and I will use them in a way similar to a stencil brush; buying them like this is much cheaper than buying actual stencil brushes!  The magazine is a splurge.  It is pricey.  VERY pricey.  But it only comes out maybe two times a year and I do not buy it every time it comes out.    So in this quick little fun trip I got a magazine full of techniques and inspiration, some colorful inexpensive brushes to use as tools and some Moleskines which are a staple supply that I try to always keep on hand.

Pictures of actual artwork coming soon!  NEW artwork.  I promise!

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