Thursday, February 10, 2011

late nights and full tables

This is usually a slower time of year for me. Not so this year! I am very thankful and extremely happy. I am crazy busy and my tables are full of completed pieces. WOOHOO!! I am so excited. The last couple weeks have been full of very late nights. Regular, but unexpected, life things pop up and take time but I have spent hours lately finally putting brush to canvas and oil pencil to paper. I have been taking lots of (poor quality-sorry) pictures and I look forward to sharing but for now, hopefully a pic of sweet BrownDog (aka Gracie) will do. Most of the new items on my tables will be sent off to their new homes this weekened and early next week. By Sunday I will be able to post some pictures without ruining any surprises.

Also, I am doing some early Spring cleaning in my little home studios. I have lots of art and craft items as well as paper products and books. I have been posting them on Craigslist but if anyone is in need or if anyone is interested please just drop me an email. I can share the details of what I have before I place it on CL. My next post is all art books, sketchbooks and paper.

Now as promised, Miss Gracie! Sleeping on her (very own) love seat. Gracie is my parents dog and the sweetest most gentle giant you will ever meet. Dont let the teeth fool! You can not tell from these pics but she has the most gorgeous green eyes.
Nighty night for now.

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