Sunday, December 13, 2009


So the holiday shows are over and I have packed and unpacked my truck several times lately. And I have several large pieces that I would love to find new homes for. I do not want to store any large canvases! I want to clear out some space and motivate myself to create some very new pieces. Soooo...lets help each other, shall we?!?! I want to make my affordable art even MORE AFFORDABLE and in return, I get some space in my downstairs studio. yummy space...something an artist always needs more of.

The pieces below are for sale for new super low prices...pretty much the cost of the canvases. So get someone the gift of art for the holidays or even just treat yourself! It will be first come, first serve so drop me an email ( quick if you have any questions. These are large pieces and shipping would be ~$150; I will ship if necessary but I am really hoping for pick up/local delivery only.

First up: DREAMING

This piece was originally $300. It is now on sale for $75. It is 36"x48". This was one of my favorites so I want it to find a good home.

Next up: FRISBEE?

This piece was originally $250 but is now also on sale for $75! This piece was done on a very cool 36"x36" square canvas. The square canvases are a little more expensive but I love the look of them.

Next: BALL?
This piece is also a cool 36"x36" square canvas and was intentionally made as a great match with FRISBEE? up above. It was also originally $250 and is now on sale for $75!

And the final holiday bargain: TULIP FIELD
This piece is 36"x48" with GORGEOUS COLORS! It was originally $250 but is now on sale for $50! Yup, $50. I got the canvas on sale so it is even cheaper for you.
All pieces are on gallery wrapped canvas and ready to hang.
So if you are interested in any of these pieces drop me an email at and lets chat!
I have seen other artists offer to make trades for art when really trying to open up studio space so I am willing to try that here. I have to admit, I am pretty picky about trades because I am really looking to free up space in my home and studios so please dont be offended if I am not open to all offers! But it is the holidays and I an open to giving it a try!

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nice art work . keep it up ! All Brands Truck