Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A whole lotta nothin goin on

I guess thats not true. There is a ton going on. Friends from San Diego in town, friends from Montreal in town, friend from VA (soon to be of Munci, Indiana in town, new BEAUTIFUL privacy fence being installed (to keep out the oh-so-cute but oh-so-not friendly neighbor dogs), pipes being fixed (as I type this I believe), yard sale and major house cleaning. *phew* There is some not so great stuff going on too but who doesnt have that?!

But very little artwork. Im having a heck of a time finding the canvases I need. If anyone can suggest a good place to find quality (but not super pricey) gallery wrapped 3"x3" and 6"x8" canvases, I would be much obliged. Like free painting obliged. Even the art store in the area with nice helpful salespeople arent able to assist. Seriously, if you have a connection please drop me a line yellowdogart@aol.com .

I hate blog entries with no pictures so with that said...
YellowDog turned 13 years young on June 2nd. I am terrible for not posting about this sooner but time really got away from me. This is actually a picture of his cake from last year. Crazy cool, huh? The cake was made by PupKat Bakery and is made specifically for dogs. She also setn along a bunch of special treats and a beeswax candle and a card. His favorite part was the doggie chocolate candies on the cake. He shared with all his four legged family and friends and we still had cake left over. This year YellowDog had steak, steak, doggie ice cream and more steak.

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